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Painting paving stones - step by step instructions

Make old from new: If paving stones are old and weathered, you do not have to replace them. Finally, paving stones can also be painted. We show you how it works. Paving stones in different colors If they are newly laid, they look great. 5 years later only weathered. However, it is quite normal for paving stones to lose their beautiful appearance over time.
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2 pumpkin soup recipes: quick and easy to prepare

It can not only be used to make a great Halloween decoration, but also delicious soups: these 2 pumpkin soup recipes are e.g. something for true pumpkin fans. Classic pumpkin soup The pumpkin is a typical autumn vegetable, with which you can prepare many tasty dishes. You can z.
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Bedding plants

Earth wasps: Find earth wasp nest and remove it safely

Again and again there are unpleasant encounters between earth wasps and garden owners. We explain how to recognize wasps and how to deal with their nests. Earth wasps in the earth wasp nest By Soebe [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons Something is moving underground, think just before the black and yellow body of an earth wasp has dug itself out.
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Tips & Tricks

Fighting voles - 2 methods

Voles can become a nuisance Voles are cute companions, but if you have them in the garden and they do great damage there, you should fight the voles at the latest. Voles can do a lot of damage. Vole not only dig passages, but also feed on the roots of roses or trees and on bulbs such as tulips or daffodils.
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How does the moon affect the garden?

Numerous gardeners swear by the moon and only garden at certain times. If you too believe in the power of the moon, you should read on here. For decades people have known that the moon determines their lives and numerous gardeners swear by the moon and only garden at certain times.
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