Garden fleece: Overview of strengths and suitable areas of application

Garden fleece is not only available in different colors, but also in different thicknesses. Read here which strength is best for which application.

Garden fleece is available in different strengths

Garden fleece is available for a wide variety of uses and in different strengths. Everything from about 50 grams per square meter to 150 grams per square meter is included. Depending on the strength, the garden fleece can withstand individual demands and be used in different ways.

Under the term garden fleece, specialist retailers now offer films and nonwovens for a wide variety of uses. These can e.g. serve as winter cover, as weed fleece or as growth foil. But which strength is best suited for which garden area? That is exactly what we have noted here for you.

Overview of garden fleece strengths and suitable areas of application

  • approx. 50 grams / square meter - well suited for vegetable beds and plant beds that are renewed annually.
  • approx. 80 grams / square meter - well suited for herbaceous beds and lawn areas that will last for a longer period.
  • approx. 150 grams / square meter - well suited for all beds, slopes and even with extremely stubborn weed growth.

" Tip:

Garden fleece is also available in various widths and lengths, which means that cutting losses when laying garden fleece can be largely avoided. In the case of large fleece consumption, the purchase of a complete fleece roll is also recommended.

When buying a garden fleece, you should also pay attention to its breathability, water permeability and light transmission as well as perfect UV protection.